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Recovery Kit Basics for Two Vehicle Recoveries

Part of the fun of off-roading is trying out new terrains and pushing your limits. As careful as you are, you are bound to get stuck occasionally. Just make sure when you do, you are prepared with a recovery kit to get you out. Recovery Kits can be purchased already put together or you can put one together yourself. Kits will vary a bit but here’s a list of the basics you’ll want to get you started.

Keep in mind that recovery kits are for two vehicle recoveries. It’s going to be for when out with a buddy (which ideally you always are) and one of you is going to pull the other out of a sticky situation or back over right side up after a roll over.

To get started, you’ll need to know not only the weight of your vehicle but the weight of it all loaded with fishing and camping gear or whatever you like to take out. You can load up for a trip then make a visit to a local scale. This will help you pick gear that is rated for your loaded vehicle’s weight. You’ll also have to have good recovery points, know the difference between recovery points and tow points and never try to recover from tow points.

  • Gloves: Most heavy duty leather work gloves will do.

  • Recovery Strap: A recovery strap is different from a tow strap which is designed for towing on flat land. A recovery strap is designed to stretch as it’s pulled. That stretch will create momentum for a stuck vehicle to start moving again once pulled and reduce the likelihood of vehicle damage. You should purchase a recovery strap rated at least 2 times the weight of your vehicle.

  • D Ring Steel or Soft Shackle: This is used to attach your recovery strap to your front or back bumper.

  • Winch Flag: This will keep the line down on the ground and not sailing through the air should it happen to break.

  • Shovel

Make sure you’re familiar with your gear and know how to use it. Having the right and not knowing how to use it properly or having the wrong gear can quickly make a day go from bad to worse.

Happy Off-Roading! Share your adventures using #milltechoffroad.

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